Remember that you are committing to 16 weeks so you will need to think of this when making your plans.
We hope that your stay at Baroona is safe, comfortable, and relaxing. To help this along please note the following:

When staying at Baroona:

  • Bring clothing that is comfortable
  • You will also need neat, casual clothing and swimming togs as there will be some outings and recreation
  • Clothing suitable for the gym
  • Most things are catered for at Baroona. You will need spending money for outings, 
medication, a drink or reading material
  • Ensure you have a Medicare Card Number, a current Health Care Card and a Photo ID
  • Centrelink Medical Certificate for AOD Residential Rehabilitation (4 mths)
  • Please bring your personal toiletries such as soap, toothbrush and toothpaste but please do not bring razors, disposables will be provided by staff. Your deodorant should be a roll-on or pump pack. Aerosol sprays cannot be brought to Baroona
  • Vehicles should be left with family or a friend, not at Baroona
  • We encourage you not to bring any valuables as we are unable to take responsibility for 
them. Our insurance does not cover replacement of lost or stolen client owned items
  • Feel free to bring some things from home such as a favourite pillow/blanket/doona or photos if this will help you be more comfortable
  • If you smoke, bring sealed cigarettes or sealed pouches of tobacco. Please remember that your smoking may increase as you withdraw from other substances. Baroona does not purchase cigarettes
  • Ipod shuffle only for music – no other electronic equipment accepted
Client’s Rights & Responsibilities

Clients who choose to undertake a residential rehabilitation at Baroona Youth Healing Place have the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Receive healing irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference or appearance
  • Participate in decisions involving their healing and journey
  • Be informed in writing of their rights and responsibilities whilst at Baroona
  • Be informed in writing prior to admission of any sanctions, disciplinary measures and modification of rights that may apply
  • Be informed in writing prior to admission of all existing guidelines
  • Complain about their treatment, about the administration of guidelines, disciplinary 
measures and sanctions through Njernda’s Grievance or Complaints Procedure
  • Examine their records or files within the guidelines approved by Njernda’s Board of Governance and to rebut any information in their records by inserting a counter statement of clarification. This is to be done in the company of your Baroona support worker
  • Be advised of any fees to be charged and how these are to be paid
  • Have any matters of identification and participation at Baroona be treated confidentially in accordance with Njernda’s policy and procedures, requirements of the Department of Human Services and all state and federal privacy laws
  • Make phone calls as per arranged in assessment
  • Nominate three people who are parents, guardians, immediate family members or partners to visit after the first fourteen days have passed. These visitors must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
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The Best of Professionals

Mark Priston
Clinical Director
Linda Green
Director of Men’s Recovery Center
Alice Tindall
Outreach Coordinator

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